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homemade rum

Our first batch of Ron Pelicano is made from Belize, Jamaica, Trinidad, Mauritius, Barbados & Guyana. Every flavor with its own charme.

Image by Bekky Bekks
tropische Blätter



Jamaican rum, which is considered full-bodied, is molasses fermented in large casks called “puncheons” and distilled in pot stills, a practice that dates back to the 17th Century. Ron Pelicano from Jamaica is also special because of the island’s limestone, a mineral-rich sedimentary rock loaded with calcium carbonate.
Jamaican rum is made using all-natural, GMO-free yeast. We definitely encourage you to taste the rum pure, before mixing your favorite cocktail. 

Refined in Bourbon and small batch Bourbon casks.



Enjoy Belize!

Ron Pelicano from Belize
– enjoy the perfect balanced golden rum
inspired by the beauty of Belize. Rum from
Belize is still not wide spread and more
like a hidden champion. Ron Pelicano gives
you a chance to take a sip of this wonderful liquid from central America.

Refined in Bourbon and Brandy casks.



refined and elegant

Ron Pelicano from Barbados
is a great experience for every rum lover. Rums from Barbados are generally known as refined and elegant. We also believe that we have an elegant one right here in this bottle. So, put on your best dress or suit and cheers to BARBADOS.

Refined in Bourbon and Bordeaux casks

Tiki Prost


vanilla and fruits

Ron Pelicano from Trinidad
– it’s traditional and hand made perfection. Sugar cane harvest in Trinidad has always been and still is: pure handwork. Open up and smell vanilla and
fruits. This is TRINIDAD!

Refined in Bourbon and Bordeaux casks.

Image by Tim Mossholder


sweet and smooth

Ron Pelicano from Mauritius is a special one in our series of rums from all over the world. Mauritian rum has a distinct character to it: sweeter and smoother. Picture chilling on the beach, paradise around you, enjoying a glass of our light and mouthful rum.
Ron Pelicano takes you there.

Refined in Bourbon and Bordeaux casks.

Image by Peter Fogden


fruity and rich

Ron Pelicano from Guyana is very fruity and rich.
Guyanese rums are generally well known among the fullest in body of all Caribbean rums. The area is known for the famed Demerara River, around which grow the finest sugar canes. Even though Guyana is a country on the northern mainland of South America – it is considered part of the Caribbean region because of its strong cultural, historical and political ties with other Caribbean countries. Taste GUYANA!

Refined in Bourbon and Brandy casks.





    4 cl Ron Pelicano Rum
    1 cl lime juice
    15 cl Coca Cola
    one slice of lime

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